about the Breeders

When my husband and I decided it was time to add a new four-legged family member to our family, the nurse in me immediately kicked in.  I immediately began my search to find the perfect breed to adopt and easily settled on the Multigenerational Australian Miniature Labradoodle.  I then turned my attention to where we would  adopt our beloved four-legged family member.  I contacted countless breeders, but I just wasn't satisfied with what I was hearing, nor was I connecting with them as people.  It was out of my frustration that I contacted the Australian Labradoodle club.  It was the Australian Labradoodle club that  gave me the name of Jenny Blume with Swinging Gate Labradoodle.  I contacted Jenny Blume and immediately realized I had been directed to the right place. Jenny is wonderful, sincerely loves her labradoodles, and also loves placing them in good homes.  Jenny was patient to answer all of my questions and has answered every call and question since. It was at Swinging Gate Labradoodles where we adopted our beloved Eliott.  

Eliott is the sweetest, smartest labradoodle you will ever meet. Not to mention, he can be quite funny.  We fell in love with his size – not too small ( for a 6 feet 2 inch male) and not too big (for a 4 foot 11 inch woman).  He is gentle with children and, oh, is he beautiful.  He has a beautiful black coat that shines like mink.  We cannot take him out without some stranger commenting on his beauty.  We also love that he is a non-shedder.  

I,  Carolyn, am a nurse practitioner who has been practicing as a nurse and nurse practitioner for a combined 26 years.  I have worked in many areas of medicine.  I love anything nursing-related. My husband, Darrell, is a retired law enforcement officer with twenty-three years of service.  Our children are all grown and living on there own.  As I stated earlier,  I have maintained contact with Jenny Blume, whom I now consider my friend, since we received Eliott. I call Jenny for everything Eliott-related as well as how to get more "Eliotts" in our home.  It was soon suggested to us that we become breeders, a prospect which excited us and to which we readily agreed. Thus, Gate City Labradoodles was born with Jenny Blume mentoring us all the way.

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