Q. How can I adopt a Labradoodle?
A. The cost of the Labradoodle is $3000.00.  There is a $500.00 non refundable reserve fee.  You fill out the application to be placed on the list.

Q. Are Gate City Labradoodles kept in the home?
A. Yes, there are very much a part of the family

Q. If I purchase a Gate City Labradoodle will I have to have it spayed or neutered?
A. Yes, you are agreeing to have your Gate City Labradoodle spayed or neutered.

Q. Will my Gate City Labradoodle  be vaccinated before I take it home?
A. Your Labradoodle will have had its first shots, been dewormed and microchipped.

Q. What if my desired puppy is not available in the litter?
A. We will keep you on the list until your desired puppy becomes available.

Q. How old will our puppy be in order for us to bring it home?
A. Puppies will be ready to go to their new home at approximately 8 weeks.

Q. Do I have to pick my puppy up or can it be shipped to me?
A. Your puppy can be shipped to you for $500.00.

Q. Can I request that my puppy be trained?
A. Yes, if space is available, we can enroll your puppies in the 2 or 4 week Starting Gate program for $375.00 per week

Q. Can a Labradoodle be kept outside?
A. No, this is a dog to be kept in the home and is a part of the family.