The Starting Gate - training

It is most important thing that both you and your new labradoodle get off to a great start.  We recommend that you enroll your new labradoodle into our two week Starting Gate Training Program. The Starting Gate Training Program will provide you and your new labradoodle with a structured home plan that you can continue at home.  The Starting Gate Training Program package starts at $375.00 per week and offers you and your new labradoodle:

1.  Puppy socialization
2.  Crate training
3.  Leash training
4.  Potty training outside
5.  Basic commands, including name recognition.

Our 4-week Starting Gate Training Program includes continued labradoodle training as well as a health maintenance package.  With the health maintenance package, we will also take your new labradoddle to the vet for puppy shots and possible deworming.

Space in the 2 and/or 4-week Starting Gate Training Program is limited.  Payment for the Starting Gate program is due when enrolled and is non-refundable.


Our guardianship program allows you to have a Gate City Labradoodle as a part of your family for a non-refundable $500.00.  Gate City Labradoodles simply retains sole breeding rights.  The guardian simply makes the Gate City labradoodle available for breeding. 

We cover all health testing and breeding-related expenses.  The guardian is expected to pay for normal expenses related to the heath and wellness of the labradoodle.  The guardian is expected to maintain the labradoodle as a part of the family for socialization and provide regular exercise.  The Gate City labradoodle will have regular vet visits.  They are to be kept up-to-date on all their vaccinations.   The labradoodle is to be maintained on a high-quality dog food, preferably Royal Canin age-appropriate.  The labradoodle will receive monthly heart worm, flea, and tick prevention. 

This is a great opportunity for a great Gate City labradoodle to be placed in a great home.

The Gate City Guardian Application Requirements

1. You must live within one and a half hours of the Greensboro area.
2. You must have a fenced yard and be home most days.
3. You must be willing to make the dog available if she goes in heat or if he is needed for breeding
4. You must be willing to train a puppy (including potty training).  No one wants a badly behaved dog.  A well-trained puppy earns greater freedom and is a joy to live with and take out and about.
5. You must keep dog/ puppy as an inside dog and must not leave your dog/ puppy alone for extended periods of time.  These are not kennel dogs although they can be and should be properly crate trained.
6.  The Gate City breeding dog must come to us at various times during the year.  Our guardian family must be able to make the dog available to us upon request and with sufficient notice, for various types of testing, breeding and whelping, etc.
7. Reliable transportation is necessary.
8. To become a guardian you sign a Gate City Guardian contract along with a $500.00 non-refundable deposit which is required.  The contract is complete when the breeder no longer needs the Labradoodle for breeding purposes.  The breeder reserves the right to select an appropriate guardian home  (which may include a home visit) to maintain a Gate City Labradoodle.

Guardianship Application

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